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Linux Has Games

Posted by Steven Richardson on March 21, 2008

One of the perceptions of Linux has always been that it is not really a gaming platform. I would generally agree with this, as many major games like World of Warcraft are not published for Linux (although they can ostensibly be run on WINE or CrossOver). However, that is not to say that Linux is devoid of games. I use the Ubuntu distribution, which installs with several games off the bat. Being a casual Linux hobbyist I also subscribe to the RSS feeds of several Linux blogs. One of them is the Taufan Lubis – Ubuntu Linux blog. Over the past several weeks I have been reading many posts about a host of different games available for Linux, how to download and install them (from the point of view of the Ubuntu distro), and how to play them. These are not just several variations on Solitaire or Minesweeper. They include a city simulation, pinball, a wargame, a death match game based on Quake III Arena, and chess. You may not be able to play the latest hot games on a Linux box without some effort, but there are a lot of entertaining ones out there that can make Linux more fun!


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